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Terms and Conditions

EPXCURSIONS is not a travel agency, tour operator, nor a licensed tour guide.  EPXCURSIONS provides consultation services with groups who are looking for unique experiences for their participants. EPXCURSIONS and/or its representatives act solely as intermediaries between the client and service providers, such as hotels, commercial flights, railways, restaurants, car rentals, and/or any other service related to travel itineraries for individuals or groups of travelers.

EPXCURSIONS and/or its representatives shall not be responsible, nor assume liability for injuries, damages, losses, accidents, delays, or irregularities, or for damage to persons or property due to acts or omissions of any hotel, carrier, or any company that may provide the service(s) purchased through our office.

EPXCURSIONS and/or its representatives are not responsible, nor accept any liability for illness, theft, dispute, government restrictions, acts of God, war or terrorism, WEATHER CONDITIONS, financial bankruptcies of service providers such as cruise companies, airlines, hotels, restaurants, car rentals, or for defects in the transportation vehicle or any other circumstance beyond our control. Furthermore, it is the responsibility of clients to have all necessary travel documents, including but not limited to passports, visas, and vaccinations. EPXCURSIONS and/or its representatives shall not be responsible if the client is not allowed to board planes or enter any country. It is also the responsibility of clients to check all travel documents received from EPXCURSIONS and notify if everything is correct.

Regarding Flight Changes and Delays: Clients are subject to the terms and conditions of airline tickets and fares, which shall be a contract between the airline and the client. In general, all airline tickets are non-refundable. Similarly, some hotel and service rates are non-refundable.

Deposits are non-refundable. Except if the service provider agrees to partially or fully refund the deposited amount.

Cancellations: Service providers usually impose cancellation rules. If there is an airfare portion, it will be completely non-refundable; if the land portion is canceled within a reasonable period, for example, 30 days before the start of the trip, there will be certain percentages of charges according to the service providers or complete loss of the amount paid.

It is always suggested to purchase cancellation insurance.

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